Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's real!

Yes, it's true, they exist and they look just like a cross between an echidna and a platypus. I knew it, Scots are really Australians! Check out the annual Haggis Hunt. Have you found one yet?? *lol*

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Riddle me this, Batman. Why does my (nearly) four-year old son's coat have a mobile phone pocket inside?

Friday, 12 December 2008

Who writes these things?

Keiran had his last day at preschool today, and being Christmas the ladies handed out presents to all the kiddies. It was so lovely of them and they picked out something from the Early Learning Centre called a Stretch Sphere for Keiran because he's very mathematically minded. I can't find a picture of it, but it's a plastic thing that stretches into a sphere and collapses to form a polygon. He loves it. As on all these educational toys, there's a bit of a guide for how to play with it, the sorts of things the toy helps to develop. Under 'Playing Tips' the manufacturers suggest the following:

Sphere today, polygon tomorrow.
It's a ball, then we drop it on the floor and it changes into a star. Let's play catch and watch it change shape as it goes.

Let's spin and twirl it and watch how it moves.

Great for:
  • Learning about polygons
  • Practicing saying 'geodesic globe'
  • Mesmerising movement
Now this is particularly useful. I can't think of all the times as a child I wanted to say 'geodesic globe' but just didn't know how to say it. Keiran will never be lost for words again now he's got a toy that will allow him to practice saying 'geodesic globe.' The opportunities for putting those two words together must be uncountable when you're four years old.

I did try saying to him 'what a lovely geodesic globe.' He was very sensible and replied 'no, it's a ball.' Clever lad. He loves the thing, no matter what he calls it. An excellent choice by the ladies at preschool, and really demonstrated to me they know my son well. Still, I need more practice typing 'geodesic globe.' I haven't been able to do it once without a mistake. Geodesxi.. no... geoded... no... deogeis.. no.. geography... no.. dang it. Well, at least I can say it!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

What it says on the tin.

So, I pop into my blog and check to see whether anyone's made any comments, and lo and behold, there's one! A single solitary comment that tells me I'm not talking to myself all the time... It's a bit silly how pleased I was to see a comment, but it is nice to know one isn't having a conversation all on one's own. Talking to yourself is a little bit mad, isn't it? Or maybe a sign of incalculable intelligence. After all, no-one will talk back if you talk to yourself. I suppose if someone disagreed with you while you were talking to yourself you might have to get yourself checked out by men in white coats though.What does it mean if you start referring to yourself in the third person? I'm thinking not a lot. It's just irritating for others unfortunate enough to be in hearing distance.

This weekend just gone being the last in November, I thought it was time we got the Christmas tree out. So now it's blinking merrily at the room and exuding an air of general contentment. The star and dove in the windows are staring out onto the street, striving to remind passersby of the real meaning of Christmas. Forget the santa and reindeer down the street, this is what it's all about!!

I had a good day today. I had a Claytons interview - the interview you have when you're not having an interview (look up Claytons drink on Google if you're totally lost. Although to be honest, if you've stayed with me this far you deserve a medal. A chocolate one.) It was for a temporary teaching job at a very good college and I'm really looking forward to it. It will get me out of the house and prevent me from going mad (I can hear you, you know. Stop shouting 'too late' you'll wake the kids) and stimulate the grey matter. Not to mention earn me a few pennies, although most of it will go to the childminder. Who happens to be my friend so I don't mind too much.

Are you getting the relevance of the title yet?

The Christmas tree is blinking at me more urgently now. I think it's saying I should go to bed. After all, it's late and I'm very tired. Does anthropomorphosising a Christmas tree make me crazy? Possibly, but being able to spell anthropomorphosising without a spellchecker should count in my favour...