Sunday, 18 April 2010

A word about Heroes

Catherine showed me her homework today and it made me cry. Here it is for you:

My Hero
A hero is someone that helps people and everyone loves, they are nice and they are unique. A hero is someone who most people want to be. They are willing to help people and they are skilful, and even when times are bad they don’t give up.

Most people might think that a hero is someone in a comic book, or someone with superpowers, like Wonder Woman or Superman, but my hero isn’t like that. My hero is my mum, and her superpower is herself. My hero is my mum because when she was little she lived in a nice, sort of big house, and life was generally good, but her parents split up and that changed quite a few things, and she had to live in a flat. Her mum worked most of the time and they didn’t have much money, but although times weren’t the best, she still grew up to be clever and became a teacher. She is also working really hard to become a good toastmaster, because that is what she wants to do the most. You can only do what you want to do in life if you work hard and that is what my mum is good at, working hard. My mum is a teacher and that means she is caring, because to be a teacher means that you care about a child’s future, and their progress, and my mum works hard for her students. My mum is also good at taking control of a situation, because she has a clear voice for everyone to hear, and she is clever so she always knows what to do.

So these are just some of the things that make my mum great and because of these things, I look up to her, and that is why she is my hero. She is caring and put others before herself. She has a dream and is going for it, and she’s just a great mum, this is why she is my hero.