Tuesday, 29 September 2009

It's all about pots and pans..

Well, it's fairly obvious when the summer holidays started! You guessed it, end of July. Now it's September and I've started a new job, so naturally I have time to blog.

Right now, the only burning issue on my mind is what to do about the saucepan I might have just ruined. I made popcorn for the kids then made the mistake of putting the hot pan onto my plastic chopping board. I realised my mistake, lifted off the pan and put it on the stove. Bad idea, because now there's melted plastic on the stove (hob for my English friends). I then put the pan back on the chopping board. I don't know why. Usually I'm pretty fast and I work stuff out, but clearly not this time. When I went to move the pan later it had stuck quite firmly to the board. Fortunately, with a bit of carefully applied force, I managed to detach the chopping board from the pan, but I'm still not sure how to remove the plastic from the stove.

Any ideas, clever people in internetland?

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