Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Youth of Today...

Just watched the first episode of Speaker. I despise these sorts of programs usually, and there are plenty of Tweets saying how dull it is bring on the Apprentice. Rubbish, drivel and banality!! I mean, would you rather watch a bunch of so-called grown-ups design a new piece of gym equipment and sit through the assult on the senses of "I'm not havin' it and I'm the project manager!" screamed shrilly at some poor sod, or hear a young person speak in meter about graffiti? Okay, I know the selection of words and structure of the sentence engenders bias, but cutting through the crap I love the show.

It just proves young people are not bored piss-heads living to make trouble or get pregnant. There's no doubt there are some young people like that (hell, I've taught some of the buggers) but they're only like that because they've not been inspired to be something different from their parents, something more than they are. It's safer to stay with what you know than take a risk, step out and make a difference. If there was one thing I would wish for young people it would be a community in which they feel safe and secure to take risks, test boundaries, speak out and make a difference. They've got so much more to offer than the older generations allow them to show.

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