Friday, 9 January 2009

Home at last...

Well, we finally made it home! I've never been so glad to get off a plane, I can tell you. We got a flight from Bangkok to Charles de Galle and from there it was only a short hop home. We managed to get ourselves into the BA lounge, in spite of not being first class passengers... a sob story at 6am works really well! I'm so glad we managed to get in, because we we all so exhausted and fed up by that stage. By 'we' I mean the small remnant of BA 10 passengers, about 12 of us, including a lady with two young children who were just amazing. They must have been about 4 and 6 and not once did I ever hear them moan or complain or have a tantrum, even at 4am in Bangkok! She was probably more glad to be home than anyone! I also met a teacher from Edinburgh who was really interesting to chat to, and a guy who's into sports and wants to learn to fly. We even took a group photo in the baggage reclaim hall at Heathrow - other people must have thought we were quite mad!

In a sense, the delay was a good thing, because none of us would have talked to each other had the flight been uneventful. Just shows adversity really can bring people together, if you let it. Some people were very angry, understandably, but I think they missed out, with all their threats to sue and shouting and blaming.

So, what did I learn... thinking positive, while sometimes annoying in Pollyanna sort of way, can get you through a lot. Taking people at face value and trusting what they say is far more interesting than assuming the worst about everyone. You get further and you might just meet a person whose life you touch in a wonderful way, and who might just touch yours equally. So the next time the tube breaks down between stations, talk to someone! Better still, make contact before adversity strikes. You never know, you might be doing someone a favour...

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