Friday, 21 November 2008


Well, since all the really cool people I know have blogs (well, just Marco, Dave and Nick but until I have another definition of cool it will have to do) I figured it was time I started my own. Not that I think there's anyone remotely interested in the drivel that is likely to slide out of my brain, through my fingers, onto the keyboard and onto the screen, of course, but it's better than harassing talk-back radio...

Okay, so on to other things.

I see on the beeb today that the government is going to fine you if you don't keep your ID card information up to date. Also, you actually have to pay to get an ID card, but there's no compulsion to have one. So riddle me this, Batman: who in their right mind is going to get an ID card if they don't have to?? I don't particularly have a problem with them, but they do seem redundant. We've already got passports and drivers licenses as proof of identity. Why do we need yet another?

And here's another question that's been plaguing me a bit today: will layers of baby food on clothing ever become the must-have fashion item of the season? Because honestly, I think I'm way ahead of the game here....

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