Monday, 16 February 2009

Follow Me!

Since I'm starting to feel like I'm the only person reading this drivel, this post is a little ad. Pretty please show me I'm not talking to myself and become a follower of my blog! All you need to do is click on the Follow this blog link.

PS. My Facebook friends might be wondering why I'm so prolific with note creation... I'm not, I've just set notes to import from my blog. So if you'd rather see my entries with a pretty background that changes from time to time, please stop by for a visit: Brain Babblings. It does what it says on the tin *lol*


  1. People may follow you through your RSS feed! As, for example, those who do not like Blogger or use another free blogging software. But stats do not make the blog! Blog because you like writing not because what people may or may not like.

    Remember: a blog is only as good as its last post.

  2. This is very true. I just write what comes to mind. Sometimes it's to get stuff off my chest, sometimes it's to share. I suppose I just needed to know someone was listening *lol*

  3. We're listening!!!! Just stunned into silence by your brilliance.

    Check this out: Cause of Blogging