Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vanessa needs

So I entered the text 'Vanessa needs' into my favourite search engine, and these are the results. My comments are in brackets...

Vanessa needs to get a LIFE. (Amen to THAT!)

Vanessa needs hugs. (Can never have too many of those.)

Vanessa needs Our Help. (This exercise is becoming a bit spooky...)

Vanessa Needs Australia. (No kidding, there is a person listed on Facebook whose name is Vanessa Needs. Who would have thought! I bet her attempt at this bit of time-wasting would be interesting...)

Vanessa needs To Step Up. (Step out, step over, step in....)

Vanessa needs our prayers. (But would it actually help, that's the big question...)

Vanessa needs to be smacked. (Oooh, yes please!)

Vanessa needs mah bed now. (Hm, best idea I've heard all day.)

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