Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Only in Australia

Let's face it, there are times when the Poms taking the piss out of Australia and the Yanks not knowing any better gets really boring, but there are times when you see a headline and the first thing you think is - only in Australia would that happen. Here's one such headline I just found:

Crocodile run over in Mount Isa's CBD

By Chrissy Arthur

A small crocodile has been found dead in a river crossing in the centre of Mount Isa in north-west Queensland.

Queensland police say a taxi driver accidentally ran over a metre-long crocodile while driving over the Leichhardt River crossing on 23rd Avenue in the early hours of this morning.

Inspector Ray Pringle says while there are freshwater crocodiles in Lake Moondarra north of the city, it is very rare to have a crocodile reported in the city's CBD.

"Police thought he may have been a bit strange or under the influence of liquor or something but it was all above board," he said.

"Sure enough when they went down there was this freshwater croc.

"It was quite severely injured and they looked at opportunities to save its life but the injuries were so bad it passed away.

"They're making arrangements now to dispose of the body."

You can just hear the conversation. Oi, maaaate, ya won't bloody believe it, I've just run over a bloody croc in my ute. Don't be daft, ya mug, there's no bloody crocs in bloody Mt Isa!

Is there even a CBD in Mt Isa??

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