Sunday, 15 February 2009

Of course, its the Islamists fault...

Wouldn't you believe it, some people are already blaming Muslims. Didn't take them long, did it. I'm not even going to post the link I found, it's just full of crap. There's no doubt there are some crazy Muslim extremists, but you can't tell me there aren't as many crazy Christian ones. Granted, they don't go 'round crashing planes into buildings and chopping people's heads off, but they have done something equally appalling in times past. Would you believe there's a bunch of Christian housewives in the US who where aprons with a bible-sized pocket on one side and a gun-sized pocket on the other. That's insane, don't you think? Just as these bible-carrying, gun-toting Christians are in the minority and you can't draw conclusions about all Christians based on them, you can't conclude that all Muslims are terrorists. The vast majority do what their religion demands - surrender.

I live in a town in Surrey with the oldest mosque in Britain (any guesses where that might be?) and we have a high Muslim population. I lived next to the mosque and in the summer they have an open day when anyone can come and visit the mosque. At Eid there's usually some sort of celebration in the town, banners etc. I even got used to the call to prayer at dawn... eventually! As a Christian, I would like to see all Muslims, and everyone else of course, come to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, but I am glad of their culture and contribution to the town I live in. I've read about some of they terrible things that happen in other countries, but terrible things happen in *this* country too, so it's my prayer that peace will reign, and soon.

On a related topic, have a look at this footage and interview with a survivor of the bushfire at St. Andrews. the fire came up so fast, it's no wonder so many died. It was awesome and terrifying. I never want to see anything like it. Rest in peace, all of you, and may those who are left behind be healed quickly.

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