Sunday, 22 February 2009


Today is a day of mourning in Australia for those who died in the Victorian bushfires, so I've been thinking particularly of home today. We also received some bad news today. Our friend's sister lost her fiance and his mother in the fires. We are grieving for Hyatt and her family, and her fiance's family too. We are thinking too of Mark and Janet, as Janet has the awful task of cancelling her sister's wedding. I can't imagine how dreadful that must be. Janet is also 7 months preganant, so I hope she keeps well and looks after herself. More than ever we miss our friends and family at this time.

The fires are still burning, of course. Just today, more warnings have been put out, including areas less than 30 minutes drive from my in-laws' house. That's too close for comfort. The trouble with being so far away is that your imagination just runs a bit wild, and you end up imagining the worst. My in-laws are mad, but I love them and I love their house. I also love the photos I've got stored at their house and I'm hoping they will all be okay.

Anyway, I promised myself I wouldn't stay up late tonight - got work in the morning. I get caught up watching and reading the coverage online, that's my trouble. Perhaps I'll just have a quick read of the weather before I go to bed. Those of you so inclined, a bit of prayer for the people of Victoria would be very much appreciated right about now....

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  1. will be adding my prayers and thoughts to yours... <><